The Wishing Spell | Chris Colfer

This is the first installment in the american series: The Land of Stories. In this novel, Alex and Conner Bailey are normal children until they find out their grandma's storybook can take them to another dimension- the fairytale world, after encounters with a giant frog, the gingerbread house, and several palaces they want to get out, but the only way to get out, is to assemble the wishing spell, but all the while they are being raced on the clock as the evil queen wants the spell too, and it can only be used one more time. Chris Colfer is a brilliant, imaginative author, who puts fairytales into a new light with his own twists on the tales, such as love triangles between characters from three separate tales. This book is great, and the series quickly became one of my all time favourites. You should try it out if you love fairytales!

338 Pages

Here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

ABR Rating: B
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