Power of Three | Erin Hunter

This is my least favorite Warriors arc so far, but it is still very good. In this series, the final prophecy from Firestar's Quest comes into action- 'There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the star in their paws'. Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit are the three protagonists, and from the moment they have their apprentice ceremony, the story twists in different angles, and meanwhile, the Dark Forest is growing stronger. This arc is also interesting, as Jaykit is born blind, and this makes him unique. I really love some of the storyline, but there are other things that are annoying, as there is a fair bit of repetition, for example- Sol, and as the series is a cliffhanger, so proper ending is in the next series, which is like twelve books without a change of scenery. Also, it  only really focuses of Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit, but although these are annoying,it is still a brilliant series.
Power of Three Collection Erin Hunter 6 Books Box Set Warrior Cats ...
About 320 Pages Each


ABR Rating: B
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