Eragon | Christopher Paolini

This book is kind of like the Hobbit and Dragon Orb, with How to Train Your Dragon elements, but better than all three. In this book Eragon- a young boy is hunting in the mountains- The Spine, when he finds a dragon egg. After raising it for a while, his farm is attacked, killing his uncle. Eragon goes off on a quest for revenge with his dragon Saphira and Brom, the local storyteller. This book is great in the way how there are so many stories, and all of the characters who are focused on have fully fleshed out backstories, or seem to anyway. This novel has many aspects and elements- magic, romance, battles, betrayal, and even a werecat! Fans of the Hobbit, Dragon Orb and How to Train Your Dragon should try this out.

... the Best Book Series: The Inheritance Series: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr
517 Pages


ABR Rating: B
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