Dark Lord - The Teenage Years | Dirk Lloyd (Jamie Thomson)

This is a witty, and amusing book, from the perspective of a dark lord, who has been sent into a teenagers body by the white wizard. The Dark Lord falls into earth as a 'puny human child' and is assumed to be mad, as he tells tales of his past life, and receives the name 'Dirk Lloyd' he goes to school, and does many funny, and strange things, such as writing teachers reports, and sticking them all over the school, or performing satanic rituals in the cricket pavilion. This novel is very entertaining, and is a fun read for anyone who gives it a go. I recommend it particularly to those who enjoy The Raven Mysteries by Marcus Sedgwick. This book also has good use of dark humour which makes it more enjoyable

341 Pages
dark lord the teenage years thirteen year old dirk lloyd has a dark ...

ABR Rating: B
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