Oliver - The Cat Who Saved Christmas | Sheila Norton

This is a wonderful heart-warming story, which is not just enjoyable at christmas. From the perspective of the pub cat Oliver (who tells the story), whose home burns down in a fire. This leads him to many adventures- getting lost, getting into shenanigans with friends, and eventually finding someone who needs a friend in a lonely part of their life.
This is a truly entertaining novel, with a great mixture of funny bits, and heart-warming bits. It also really makes the book great, how Oliver tells the story, as cats are interesting, and it makes the story more unique and fun, which is nice in a story.
The only proper complaint I have with this book, is that it has a bit a swearing/cursing in it, because if it didn't, this would be a great book for all ages.

315 Pages

Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas by Sheila Norton

ABR Rating: C
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